Heraldry, Calligraphy & Illumination
Lettering Styles

Any of the following lettering styles can be used to create a piece of work.
Click on lettering styles for examples.

Foundation Hand lettering

Foundation Hand is the easiest lettering style to read and is recommended for family trees and any piece of work where legibility is the most important factor.

Italic is another very legible style. The angle of slope of the letters can be varied to suit the nature of the work. Italic lettering

Sharpened Gothic lettering

Sharpened Gothic is very decorative and is popular for poems and certificates which require a distinctive style.

German Blackletter is a well known and attractive type of lettering but it is also one of the most difficult to read. It can be useful for titles or for one or two important words within a document. German Blackletter

Celtic Uncial lettering Celtic Uncial letters are Irish in origin. This lettering is quite widely spaced so should only be chosen when there is plenty of space to fill.

Carolingian is a graceful spacious style which requires lots of room for its long flowing letters. If space is not limited the ascending and descending strokes can be elongated to give a very attractive appearance. Highly recommended for poems. Carolingian lettering

These are just a few of the lettering styles which can be used for your document. Existing lettering styles can often be copied so that if you have a document which requires updating a good match can be made.

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