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Hand Painted Coats of Arms
painting of the coat of arms of the worshipful company of drapers
Coat of Arms of the Worshipful Company of Drapers
Coats of Arms and any other heraldic devices such as standards, crests, badges etc. painted in great detail on vellum, artboard or good quality papers. Paintings are executed in gouache paints with extreme accuracy and a high degree of detail. Gold powder, gold leaf, silver or aluminium leaf may be used if required. The arms of the Worshipful Company of Drapers shown opposite was painted on vellum in gouache colours. The lion supporters and the lamb in the crest are painted with gold powder, the crowns on the shield are of raised gold leaf and the reverse of the mantling is of aluminium leaf.
A standard style of painting is as shown opposite. The size is approximately 9" high x 7" wide, which when framed makes a good sized painting for display. (Click on image for full size picture.) hand painted coat of arms in a standard style The cost of an average design starts at 450. Other sizes are available, for example a 7" high painting would start at 350, or a 12" high painting from 600.
Many other styles are available such as the simple medieval style shown opposite or the ecclesiastical arms shown below.hand painted ecclesiastical coat of arms hand painted medieval style shield
hand painted heraldic badge Badges and Crests hand painted crest Black and white items for reproduction can be produced. hand painted black and white artwork

hand painted heraldic artwork illustrating two knights in combat hand painted armorial ensigns of R.T.Cox
Heraldic Paintings
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For a free quotation for any type of heraldic work please send either a drawing or a heraldic description of the item required.

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